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About Us

Family business with long tradition

Eurokancom is a family company established 30 years ago. The first three decades of their businesswere marked by very good business decisions, firmly set direction as well as the best quality of work.Our efforts have also been noticed beyond the boarders of Serbia which resulted in a merge with twoprestigious Italian furniture manufacturers, the companies: “Livoni” (established in 1966) and “InteriorBeltramini” (established in 1892).




High standards, dictated by modern furniture production, would certainly be difficult to fulfill without ourpartners, such as: “Abitex", “Aurim", “Camira", “Cizeta", "Derve", "Enterier Janković", "EmmebiInternational", "Eurofoam", "F.lli Cechetto", "F.lli.Rossetto", "Interior Beltramini", "Imatex", "Italcurvati","Livoni", "Mercis dekor", "Mobil sedia 2000", "Sirca",”Quickwood” and others. Of course, there highquality materials that are incorporated into our products. All materials have been tested to obtaincertificates certifying UNI ISO DIN and British BS standards. Also, all textiles are also set by the DanishOEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, which is very important.

Carefully choose the appropriate type of wood that will not wash of its textured form of each of our chairs.

Cooperation with leading European producers of upholstery fabric and leather, allows us to provide our customers, we offer quality materials from the latest collection.

A wide variety of decorative finishes gives the possibility of adapting our furniture into any environment. Together with you, we choose the ideal combination.

For the perfect look every detail of our chairs combine modern technology and know-how handmade.


The highest quality product line, product quality, and of course the ergonomics are the three pillars of our success.


Eurokancom is very active in the field of environment protection: All the waste which appears in the production processes (we would like to remind our customers that our furniture is made from the highest quality natural materials), is processed into compressed sawdust (wood briquettete). Wood briquette belongs to the group of environmentally friendly pure fuels. It is made from dry wood residue without any chemical treatment or additives. It is produced in hydraulic or mechanical presses, with no additives nor glue, which makes it fulfil highly demanding ecological standards (DIN 51731). Due to its high compressibility, this natural product has the performance similar to that of high calorie coals.

The basic difference appears in the burning process as it emits significantly less sulphur, and the CO2 emission is well balanced because wood briquette emits as much CO2 into the atmosphere as trees do in the process of photosynthesis. This fuel, due to it low water content (less than 10%), releases high energy in the process of burning – from 4.8 to 5.2 kWh/kg, in comparison to the raw wood which releases 2.5 kWh/kg at most. Briquette leaves incomparably less ash. When it comes to practice: Briquette delivery costs are lower, There is no need for preparatory period in heating seasons, It can be used in any type of furnaces for hard fuels.